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  • Report mould
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Report an emergency repair

An emergency is when there is a risk to your:

  • safety, such as a gas leak or insecure front door
  • property, such as a leak which can’t be contained

Between 1 October to 30 April you should report a complete lack of heating as an emergency. Review the heating checklist.

How to report an emergency repair

You can report an emergency repair 7 days a week by calling020 7974 4444.

After you report an emergency repair

We will visit your home within 24 hours. Sometimes a temporary repair will be carried out to make your home safe and secure. The full repair is then completed at a later date.

If you report a repair as an emergency and it isn’t one, our repairs staff will not be able to complete the job. You will need to report it as a non-emergency repair.

Report mould

Mould should be reported as soon as you find it in your home.

Find outhow to report and prevent mould.

Report a non-emergency repair

A non-emergency is when something in your homeis broken, or not working properly. It is not a risk to your safety and will not cause serious damage to your property.

We are responsible for some repairs, and you are responsible for others. Before you report a repair,check if a repair is your responsibility.

The wait time is 125 days for some non-emergency repairs.

How to report a non-emergency repair

All non-emergency repairs must be reported online unless you are an enhanced tenant. You can report using your Camden Account, Live Chat, WhatsApp or SMS.

Camden Account

You can book a repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Report a non-emergency repair

Select 'housing' then 'request a repair'.

Choose an appointment that suits you and we'll text to confirm it. The first time you book a repair, you will need your rent number. This is on the bottom right-hand corner of your rent statement.

Live Chat, WhatsAppand SMS

If you contact us by Live Chat or WhatsApp, you can:

  • send the message in a different language
  • upload photographs and videos
  • have a video call
  • leave voice notes on WhatsApp

This extra information makes it easier for us to send the right tradesperson to make the repair.

Live Chat:

  • Report a repair or ask a question using the Live Chat button at the bottom of the screen
  • We aim to respond to you within 2 minutes
  • This service is available 9am to 5pm

WhatsAppor SMS:

  • Report a repair or ask a question by messaging 07360 277 909 in your preferred language
  • We aim to respond to you within 1hour
  • This service is available 8am to 6pm

Change or cancel an appointment

If you need to change or cancel your appointment please let us know at least 48 hours in advance. You can do this in your Camden Account or using WhatsApp, SMS or Live Chat.

After you report a non-emergency repair

Your repair is prioritised

We prioritise repairs that will:

  • cause serious discomfort or inconvenience to you
  • damage your or your neighbours’ homes if they aren’t fixed

This includes containable leaks and damage to front and back door frames.

The majority of these repairs are carried out within 20 days. Sometimes we book a second visit if we need to order special parts.

Problems which need fixing,but are not causing serious discomfort or inconvenience may take longer. This includes plastering, repairing dripping taps, or noisy pipes.

Get ready for our visit

Please make sure that the problem area:

  • is clear of furniture and other belongings
  • cannot be accessed by young children and pets

An adult must be in the property while the repair is being carried out.

Useful contact numbers

Power cut

Contact UK Power Networks to report or check on the status of power cuts or issues with the local supply.If the issue only affects your block or property, please contact us.

Mains cold water problem

Contact Thames Water on 0800 316 9800 to report water supply issues affecting multiple properties in the local area.This can include a significant drop in water pressure or water being cut off completely, due to a burst main, pumps failing or flooding.

Heating or hot water repair

  • Contact BTU on 020 7499 0602 about an existing individual heating or hot water repair
  • Contact GEM on 020 8985 0409 about an existing communal heating or hot water repair

Fire alarm installation

Contact the London Fire Brigade on 0800 028 4428 to arrange for fire alarm installation.

Feedback and complaints

Your views are important to us and we welcome your suggestions to improve our service.

Repairs performancedata

We publish monthly contact data to be open and transparent about our service. We use this information to make decisions and improve your experience across all of our channels.

Find out more about housing repairs contact data

Report a housing repair - Camden Council (2024)
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